About Peter Bod Foundation

The primary purpose of the foundation is the cultivation of Péter Bod’s name and memory, who lived in the late Baroque and early Enlightenment period (1712-1769). In a different historical dimension though, even today, the situation is similar.  Our foundation with its financial resources and its people, with applications and activities aimed to remedy this, even if the burden of the destiny cannot be taken away, but our duty is to soften it. Our foundation does this, regardless of religion, outlook on life, or social background. The Péter Bod Foundation would like to remedy the life of the diaspora with careful competence, as Péter Bod did in Magyarigen (Ighiu in Romanian), when he was the pastor, doctor, veterinarian and agronomist for its congregation, but most of all the unforgettable scientist of Transylvania. Through our objectives we would like to continue Péter Bod’s work of helping the diaspora.