The primary purpose of the foundation is the cultivation of Péter Bod’s name and memory, who lived in the late Baroque and early Enlightenment period (1712-1769). According to Lajos Kelemen his work was the one of a morning star, which did not make light out of the darkness, but it was the sign of the coming light.
In a different historical dimension though, even today, the situation is similar. However, the demographics changed. The existence of Diasporas was made more difficult by the numerical decrease of the population, the school closures and poverty. Our foundation with its financial resources and its people, with applications and activities aimed to remedy this, even if the burden of the destiny cannot be taken away, but our duty is to soften it. 
Our foundation does this, regardless of religion, outlook on life, or social background. The Péter Bod Foundation would like to remedy the life of the diaspora with careful competence, as Péter Bod did in Magyarigen (Ighiu in Romanian), when he was the pastor, doctor, veterinarian and agronomist for its congregation, but most of all the unforgettable scientist of Transylvania. Through our objectives we would like to continue Péter Bod’s work of helping the diaspora.

The foundation has set for itself cultural, educational, social and educational goals:
  • The cognition of Péter Bod’s Baroque spirit within the Enlightenment culture.
  • The publishing of Péter Bod’s works and the works about him.
  • The preservation and development of Péter Bod’s church and memorial house from Magyarigen, the modernization and financial support of the school education.
  • The organization, support and development of education to a European level
  • To support the teachers’ training and the teachers in the hope of a higher quality education.
  • To Support the students with scholarships.
  • Support of the interethnic projects
  • Support of science and dialogue
  • To introduce modern technology in the educational system.
  •  Financial aid for various schools.
  • Supporting the extracurricular cultural activities of universities, secondary schools and elementary schools.
  • Social support for the children living in difficult circumstances. 
For this the Péter Bod Foundation carries out its activity mostly in the region of Alba Iulia and its surroundings, where Hungarian people live in minority. Our programs are at local, regional, national and international level. At the local level in Alba Iulia public education, schools (eg. Nursery operation) and the renovation of monuments, school problems (guiding the youth towards the Bethlen Gábor College, commuting programs, the support of nursery schools) and education proposals characterize our activities. National and international conferences were organized (János Hunyadi Conference 2006, Romanian-Hungarian Archeology IX-XI c. Conference 2007) and inter-ethnic programs. The protection of the national monuments has a great importance, which was realized with the help of non-governmental organizations (Sándor Ágoston Foundation, Budapest), universities (Debrecen, Szeged, Mainz, Amsterdam, Cluj, Alba Iulia). Since our foundation functions in very difficult conditions because of the situation of the diaspora from Alba Iulia and its surroundings, is very hard to achieve our costs and projects. The effects and results of our programs are shown by the renovated monuments, renovation which was realized during a Hungarian-Romanian construction camp at: Marosszentimre, Magyarigen, Borberek, Alvinc, Kéménd, Sárd, Diód, Őraljaboldogfalva, Alvinc etc. Our educational programs and their subsequent effects can be measured in the development of the education. Although we are a smaller foundation, our activity is diversified and effective. We founded it with this hope, and we want to achieve our objectives, because: “It is not allowed to hurt your motherland, and it is definitely a great sin not helping it when one has the opportunity.” Péter Bod, Magyar Athenas.